Professional Town Planning Advice

Own a piece of land but unsure what the development possibilities are?

In the market to buy investment land, but need advice on which land is best suited to your preferred development type?

A number of factors can affect what can be built on any given site. First, there are the planning regulations – zoning, building height, floor space ratio and the like. Then, there are issues of site suitability, such as flood and bushfire risk, orientation and slope.

With professional town planning advice, you can be certain of what you can do with your site. A Preliminary Planning Report sets out, in plain English, the options for your site. The current legislation provides definitions for dozens of development types and land uses. Perhaps multi dwelling housing will be permitted on your land, but residential flat building will be prohibited.

Obtain professional town planning advice on the best approval route for your development, saving you time and money, avoiding complicated approval processes, and being advised on what specialist reports you’re likely to need so you don’t get any nasty surprises later in the process.

If you would like some assistance with Town Planning for your site contact us here.