Building the Foundations of Excellence: Leading Education Construction Services in Tweed Heads and Gold Coast - Preston Building.

Create Inspiring Learning Environments with Expert Education Construction Services in Tweed Heads and Gold Coast.

Expert Education Construction Services.

Preston Building understands the importance of creating inspiring learning environments that foster growth and nurture the minds of students.

Our services encompass a wide range of education construction needs. For new buildings, we specialise in constructing state-of-the-art facilities, including extensions, classrooms, and canteens. Whether it's enhancing existing structures or creating entirely new spaces, our team collaborates closely with educational institutions to bring their vision to life.

In addition to new builds, we excel in working with existing buildings, providing extensions, renovations, alterations, and repairs. We understand the importance of optimising space and functionality within the constraints of an existing structure. Our team utilises innovative design solutions to transform classrooms, common areas, and infrastructure, creating modern and vibrant educational environments.

Preserving the historical significance of heritage buildings is another area we can assist with. Whether it's renovating or repairing existing structures, we preserve the historical significance while enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Our team is well-versed in the intricate requirements of heritage buildings, ensuring a respectful approach to their restoration.

Sports courts play a vital role in physical education, and we offer services for resurfacing or building new sports courts. This includes tennis courts, basketball courts, netball courts, handball courts, and cricket pitches (or a combination of these). Our focus on quality and durability ensures that these spaces withstand rigorous usage.

We also specialise in renovations, alterations, and repairs to existing school facilities, ensuring they remain up-to-date, functional, and conducive to effective learning. From toilet renovations to frame rectification, services, waterproofing, tiling, and more, we attend to every detail.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to contamination management, including the safe removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead dust, and fibres. We prioritise the safety and well-being of students and staff, ensuring a healthy environment for learning.

Lastly, we provide solutions for accessibility, including stairs, handrails, accessible access, and tactiles. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that all students, regardless of mobility, can navigate the educational spaces comfortably and safely.

Let Preston Building transform your educational spaces into vibrant, safe, and inspiring environments that support student growth, well being and success.

Education Building Sector
  • New Buildings
  • New Class Rooms
  • Extensions
  • Renovations, Alterations and Repairs
  • Heritage Building Remedial Works
  • Building Improvements
  • Sports Courts
  • Covered Outdoor Learning Areas
  • Accessibility Compliance - DDA
  • Building Compliance
  • Fire Compliance
  • Contamination Management