Do you need an architect?

The answer is a personal one and specific to your property, your brief and your renovation budget, involving an architect is a sensible choice.

Do I need an architect for my home renovation?

Do you want an eye catching design? In Australia only 5% of homes are custom designed by architects, which is why outstanding home design is not a common sight.

Do you want more than your are allowed?

Architects are often engaged to get the most, or more than is allowed, under council’s controls. The DA process is ‘merit’ based, and architects are best placed to design around the rules so you can get more.

Is your site challenging?

Getting the best out of awkward sites with a clever design is where architects excel. Many architects only work with difficult sites.

Is your property heritage conservation affected?

Councils value the knowledge and sensitivity of an architect when designing for traditional homes.

Do you want a passive solar sustainable home?

Architects are trained and skilled in designing for thermal comfort and energy efficiency so they create the most comfortable homes.

Do you need or want the option of full service?

Only architects are qualified to administer building contracts.

Do you want to be covered under PI insurance?

Architects must by law carry PI insurance to protect their clients, while non architects commonly do not carry insurance.

Do you need design expertise and advice?

An architect can challenge your brief to get the most from the potential they see in your site. Architects get the best results.

Do you want more than just an approval?

Architects commonly work from design through to completion and assist with detailing the interior and exterior design.

Are you investing a lot in your project?

Small jobs less than $400k construction cost may not need the expertise of an architect. The larger the project the bigger the investment, and the bigger the risk.

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