What is a Project Brief?

A Project Brief sets the direction of your project from day one. A good project brief can reduce the risk of costly delays, provide measurable targets and provide you with the tools to get the most qualified team.

A Project Brief is comprised of four parts – What, Who, When and How.

What do you want to deliver?

A project brief defines the scope of the project, along with key targets such as timeframes and profitability. Whether you want to renovate your house or build a multimillion dollar hotel the process is the same, taking your ideas and shaping them into a comprehensive project brief that can be delivered within the current legislative framework.

Who is going to deliver your project?

Do you need a landscape architect or a civil engineer? Do you need a town planner to liaise with council on your behalf? Do your consultants have the right insurances for your project?

As project briefs are often used by consultants to provide quotes, a good brief results in more accurate budgeting and better outcomes.

When will the project start and finish?

Milestones allow you to measure the progress of your project. Understanding approval timeframes can help you produce realistic forecasts. Keeping your team informed of your timeframes ensures everyone meets your expectations.

Prepare a project program that considers all aspects of the project, including sub consultant timeframes, approval processes and construction timeframes.

How will your project be delivered?

A methodology defines the way that the what, the who and the when come together.  It sums up your project’s constraints, unique circumstances, budgets and team profile, and identifies milestones for monitoring and review.

You don’t need to prepare a project brief alone. An experienced Project Establishment Professional can prepare a comprehensive methodology in consultation with you and can guide you through the process of engaging a proficient and qualified team.

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