As commercial builders with over 20 years of experience, the Preston Building team has seen office fitout trends come and go. From open-plan layouts to sustainable materials and smart technology integration, we've witnessed how these trends shape modern workspaces.

The last few years have been quite a journey, especially with the huge impact of COVID-19 on office design. The shift towards hybrid working models has changed how we approach office fitout design. Spaces now need to cater to both in-person collaboration and remote work and we need to create spaces that blend the office environment with remote flexibility, keeping everyone happy and productive.

Completing commercial fitouts in Northern NSW and office fitouts on the Gold Coast has given us a unique insight into the current trends. If you need a new office fitout, or are contemplating an office refurbishment to bring your workspace into 2024, here are the top 5 trends of the year for some extra inspiration:

Multifunctional and flexible workspaces

As hybrid working continues to shape the workplace, post-pandemic, multifunctional and flexible workspaces have become essential. In the past couple of years, there’s been a growing demand for flexible work environments that support a mix of work styles. 

Supporting both hybrid working and in-office attendance, this trend incorporates hot-desking setups, modular furniture, movable walls, adaptable layouts, collaborative spaces and private meeting areas to connect with off-site colleagues. This approach fosters a dynamic work environment that supports various work styles and team interactions.

Inclusive and accessible design

While traditional offices often reflect a hierarchy where managers are locked away behind closed doors or windows, modern offices are embracing a more inclusive approach. Open-plan office design makes management more accessible to the rest of the team and contributes to an inclusive, positive company culture. 

In 2024, office fitouts are becoming more accessible and inclusive, catering to the differing needs of workers. This includes hot desks, quiet spaces, accessibility for differently-abled employees, ergonomic design and more technology capabilities. 

Small office fitout solutions

With rents increasing and costs rising, along with more people working from home, we're seeing more businesses searching for small office fitout solutions. Even in smaller spaces, attention to detail is crucial. A well-planned small office fitout is essential for maximising both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring every inch of space is optimised to support productivity and enhance the workplace environment.

Some trends for small office design on the Gold Coast and in Northern NSW we are seeing include minimal colours, active and ergonomic furniture, natural lighting, increased storage options, partitions and biophilic design to bring the outdoors inside. 

Small offices often take on a minimalist design, which helps to increase the functionality of the space and utilise every square metre. A well-designed small office fitout will actually make the work environment seem larger. 

A space for improved well-being

While improving well-being in the workplace has been a long-standing trend, 2024 is taking it to the next level. Work environments are now blending with home settings to improve the work-life balance. Biophilic fitouts remain popular, integrating natural elements indoors to reduce stress and boost happiness.

Breakout spaces are key in this trend, offering comfortable areas where employees can unwind during breaks with lounge spaces, softer lighting, coffee machines, and even TVs. Office kitchen spaces are also evolving to feel more like home, creating a cosy atmosphere that promotes relaxation and social interaction among colleagues.

‘Instagrammable’ office spaces

The trend of 'Instagrammable' office spaces is all about creating modern, youthful environments that encourage interaction and sharing. These spaces are designed to be visually appealing and photogenic, with vibrant colours, stylish furniture, and unique décor elements that make them stand out on social media platforms like Instagram.

In these offices, every corner is curated to be aesthetically pleasing, from cosy breakout areas with modern lounge furniture to collaborative zones adorned with inspiring artwork. Bright, natural lighting and open layouts enhance the ambiance, making them ideal for capturing snapshots of workplace culture.

The emphasis is not just on functionality but also on creating spaces that employees are proud to share online, fostering a sense of community and showcasing the company's dynamic and innovative spirit. This trend reflects a shift towards workplaces that prioritise creativity, engagement, and the integration of digital culture into physical spaces.

Commercial fitouts Gold Coast and Northern NSW

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