As a fully insured and licenced Gold Coast builder, Preston Building has added yet another feather in our cap – a QLD Open Builders Licence! With this in hand, we're excited to keep moving forward in the QLD construction sector.

But what does obtaining a QLD Open Builders Licence mean for our clients?

The QLD Open Builders Licence is a gateway to new opportunities. It gives us the flexibility to undertake a wide range of building projects without the restrictions imposed by traditional licensing categories. This new certification allows Preston Building to tackle diverse projects in QLD, from multi-storey residential developments and commercial complexes to industrial facilities and institutional buildings, all under a single licence.

Here at Preston Building, we have a proven track record of successful projects that demonstrate our dedication to meeting the needs of our clients. With years of experience and a high-rise building license in NSW, we’ve delivered an array of multi-storey complexes that stand as a testament to our team’s skill and vision.

From sleek apartment towers to sophisticated commercial buildings, Preston Building's portfolio demonstrates our ability to deliver exceptional results on every project. Our accolades from the Master Builders Australia, including prestigious awards for Medium Density Building and Building Apartment Development, cement our reputation as industry leaders and innovators.

The Preston Building team is excited to move into this new chapter with our QLD Open Builders Licence. We’re ready to take on new projects as fully licenced Gold Coast builders.

Looking to turn your dream project into reality? Drop us a line and let’s get started!

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