The Development Approval Process

There are three ways of obtaining development approval:

There are over 100 State Environmental Planning Policies (and equivalents), over 300 Local Environmental Plans and thousands of Development Control Plans in operation. Any number of these pieces of legislation might apply to your development, dictate the ways in which you can obtain development approval, and restrict the development you’re allowed to do.

To make sure you comply with all that legislation, we suggest obtaining professional advice from a qualified and experienced town planner, particularly in the early stages of your project. There are a number of benefits of engaging a town planner, but if you’re managing your own approval process, a planner can still help.

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Development Approval

If you’re looking to start a building project, you can save time and money by thinking about planning approval, or DA approval, from the outset. The most appropriate method of getting development approval depends on these factors:

  • The size and cost of your development
  • The zoning, location and restrictions placed on your land
  • The heritage status of your land, buildings and surrounding land

There are three methods to get approval for residential, commercial or industrial development in NSW, depending on the extent of your proposed works:

  • Exempt Development – for very minor development such as building a deck, provided it meets a variety of standards set out in the legislation. No approval is required for this type of development.
  • Complying Development – for minor development such as building a new house or installing ventilation in a commercial building, provided it meets a variety of standards set out in the legislation. This type of development is approved with a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), which can be issued by your local council or a private certifier.
  • Development Application (DA) – for most other common forms of development, from building a house that exceeds the maximum height in the complying development standards to building an apartment block or extending an existing industrial building. The Development Application approval is known as Development Consent, and is granted by your local council.

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