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Civil Builder


Preston Building Pty Ltd is experienced in civil construction and land subdivisions, planning, design, consultation, council applications, construction, approvals, certification, registration.

Our services include: Survey • Earthworks • Infrastructure • Water • Electricity • Gas • Phone and Data • Stormwater • Sewer and Landscaping • Section 88b instrument • Land Titles Registration • Boundary adjustments and the like.


Civil Construction

Preston Building Pty Ltd is experienced in all aspects of excavation and earthworks for bulk, detailed, Geo technical and Structurally Engineered Sites.

Our services include: Bulk Excavation • Detailed Excavation • Civil Construction • Subdivisions • Dams • Retention Basins • Detention Basins • Drainage • Foundation Drilling and Piling • Difficult Sites • Demolition • Site Clearing • Rock Removal • Retaining Walls and the like.

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