Development Management
Terrigal Property Development Managment

We provide a fully integrated property development service, from inception to completion. With diverse experience encompassing commercial, retail, residential, industrial and civil projects, we’re able to deliver a development solution that’s a perfect fit our clients needs.

Our Property Development services are tailored to each project including but not limited to:

  • Project Identification, Development Strategies
  • Property Acquisition Solutions
  • Development Feasibility and Conceptual Design Analysis
  • Property Structure Analysis
  • Planning Authority and Stakeholder Management
  • Developing value added strategies, implementation and review
  • Development planning and feasibility
  • Risk Management Assessments and Strategies
  • Design Management
  • Procure and Manage Design Consultants.
  • Value Engineering
  • Design compliance with State Department of Planning, Local Government Development Control Plans, Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia and Codes of Practice.
  • Manage and Procure Development Applications
  • Manage and Procure Construction Certificates
  • Manage and Procure Occupation Certificates
  • Property Purchase: Act on behalf of the buyer, strategize, research, shortlist, appraise, engage solicitors, review contracts, negotiate and secure sites.
  • Property Sales: Act on behalf of the seller, research the market, market value, strategize selling options, interview select and manage agents, property effective marketing, engage a solicitor, organize and review contracts, negotiate, settlement.
  • Lease Management: Interview select and manage agents, research the market, market value estimate, review applications, careful tenant selection, manage lease preparation, negotiate and review lease agreements, ensuring the property is well tenanted.
  • Property Maintenance: Building compliance and safety, Fire Safety Schedule compliance, inspections, maintenance, tender repairs, select building trades and the like, ensuring the property is well maintained.
  • Strata Management: Manage Strata Agents, Manage Executive Committees, Actively engage in Executive Committees (Chairman, Secretary or the like)
  • Property Value Adding Strategies and Implementation

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